In such a conjuncture that expand the country’s development aurora from city to village level, it is humble to mention that holding of 144th World Post Day in the upcountry that is far away from the capital is a great pride for me personally and the Kandy district people who represented by me.

It is existent through the prevalence of BePost service that the postal service has been able to create a new market by focusing rural and small and medium scale entrepreneurs in view of new technology when making service innovation for promoting its income.

It is certain that promotion of rural economy made by the government through the various projects will be a special access to convert the post office that gives various services such as goods distribution, messages exchange, money transfer and bank activities as an income generating institute.

It should be appreciated this project that is born by the postal personnel community to promote the inherent services to the postal service as well as make meaningful the World Postal Day by appreciating the workforce who gives an attractive service by carrying different grades.

I wish from my heart for making success this world postal day national ceremony in every way that meets at Kandy on 9th of October in this time.

M. H. A. Haleem
Hon Minister of Posts, Postal Services & Muslim Religious Affairs