Outmatch the challenges with innovation by building trust!

We all know that concurrence with the 144th World Post Day; said day will be commemorated in Sri Lanka in the era in which the postal department of Sri Lanka confronts many challenges. Said challenges are the confrontation for the ideologies having built in the society on the place where the post should stand in current social, economic, political environment. As we know, it is difficult to maintain the traditional post at the same level. With the development of modern communicative technology, it compels to consider the innovation with concurrence to the said advancement. But are we ready for that? It is a question that should be asked by us from us. Actually, it is an unfortunate if we are not yet ready for that sufficiently.

If we face to this challenge, our belief is that there are two main facts to be fulfilled by us. The first is to build the public trust on the post. It is not a secret that public trust over the whole post has seriously damaged due to the activities of short-sighted small groups. The second is to modernize the post. It will be uneasy if a thinking revolution should not be occurred in us for that. We firmly trust that if these two challenges are succeeded, it is not difficult to dignify the post from the current situation. Therefore, we know that as mentioned in our vision, mission and postal day covenant, people gives us their most personal, valuable, messages and goods because they believe that those messages and goods will be protected by us and delivered to the owners with more attention and speedily. We all have to make retrospect whether we act to deliver their messages and goods to the owners with more efficiently, honestly and protection by securing their trust placed on us.

Therefore, to make more meaningful the World Post Day, we do make oath and dedicate from the bottom of heart to provide a distinguished service to the customer, the partners in our future prosperity as mentioned in the world post day covenant in a day as today. As well, I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Hon. Minister of Posts, Postal Services and Muslim religious Affairs and Secretary to the Ministry for their guidance to outmatch this post day commemoration and from all the Deputy Postmaster Generals to all members in every position of the postal family and sponsorial institutes who acted untiringly in this task.

Ranjith Ariyaratne
Postmaster General