The postal service is the most basic and most common means by which messages can be communicated and goods delivered. Further, it serves as an important medium of communication for business and commerce. The modern telecommunications infrastructure is an essential requirement for rapid economic and social development of the country. Sri Lanka is moving towards a fully liberalized telecommunications market environment. Ministry of postal services is committed to timely delivery of high quality postal services  at an affordable cost – Nation Wide.


Provision of excellent and efficient postal service to the public


Provision of trustworthy and high quality postal service to the people at affordable price.


  • To minimize loses and provide more profitable,effecient and friendly postal services to the public
  • To expand the Postal services to be on a par with global trends employing modern technology
  • To inves approprietly i postal infrasture with a view to expand of Communication
  • To ensure complaince with quality,standards and advancement of the field of postal services


  • Formulation of Policy relevant to the postal sector
  • Implementation of the Government Policy
  • Guiding and Monitoring of institutions under the purview of this Ministry
  • Maintenance of Postal Service complying with International Standards
  • Identifying and ensuring  the implementation of programs and projects towards the development of service in rural and remote localities
  • Monitoring and evaluating the quality of services
  • Performance of management audit in the sector
  • Maintenance and development of relationships with International Organization connected with the postal sector
  • Motivating the provision of postal services to the general public through the private and public sector participation
  • Carrying out propaganda activities