About Us

Department Of Posts

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the most distinctive Institutions in the  Asia to provide fully productive and quality Postal service based on the Modern Technology as to Customer delight.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an attractive Postal service locally and internationally using resources efficiently with the participation of Private Sector Winning their reliability, creating new services and improving the existing services identifying timely the customer needs motivating the staff in a serene environment, following the productive concepts aimed with modern Technology.


  • Ensure an efficient Postal Service to our customers to send and receive letters, parcels or any item that can be posted, to any place in the Island or to any place in the world.
  • To improve the quality of postal network in order to provide the customers a more secure, reliable and an efficient postal service.
  • Economic productivity.
  • Expansion of Market for Sri Lanka Post and to introduce new postal products and services.
  • To improve the relationship and cooperation among customers, postal employees and other stake holders involved in Sri Lanka Post.
  • To engage in transactions using International Communication Network.
  • To act as a medium in money transfer activities.
  • To contribute to the development and social welfare activities of the Government by providing optimum services.
  • Expansion of communication facilities to every nook and corner of the country.


  • Collection, sorting, conveyance and delivery of postal articles.
  • Planning and maintenance of postal products and services.
  • To promote the standards of products and maintain a service of international standard.
  • To maintain and fix a fair and a competitive charges for postal products and services.
  • To identify and meet customer demands that have not been assessed up to date.
  • Maintain financial stability within the postal network.
  • Identification and implementation of activities connected with the internet.
  • To help successive Governments to successfully carry out local communication service development projects.
  • Expand modern communication and information technology to rural areas and to reap the benefits of modern communications.

Currently we have a total of 4,692 Post Offices in the whole country. The breakdown is as follows:

  • Post Offices – 653
  • Sub Post Offices – 3,410
  • Agency Post Offices – 524
  • Rural Agency Post Offices – 101
  • Estate Agency Post Offices – 04
  • Total – 4,692

Sri Lanka Post was established by the Dutch ruler’s way back in 1798 in the Maritime Provinces of the country with five offices. Today it has grown in to a mammoth organization with more than 19,000 employees. Sri Lanka Post serves a population of nearly 20 million inhabitants in Sri Lanka. During the existence of Sri Lanka Post though known by various names it continued to serve the populace with dedication.

In the year 2,004 we had a Post Office for every 2, 400 people of this country. This in real terms means that there was an office for every 14 km radius. Today majority of our offices are equipped with state of the art equipment to provide an efficient service to our customers.

Through the 4,692 offices we provide a variety of services. We give below a summary of our services but you can learn more about them from the web site.